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The Who's Who, What's What and Why's Why

I am sure you will be happy to be a part of our komik world, and I will be happy to be a part of your world. Anyways, I am Manish Wadhwa, and you may also call me "M". I finished my Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering in August 2010, and finally, sigh, officially I am Dr.M. Side effects of PhD are brutal sometimes, and that's where we end up sometimes, the world of komiks. Tragedy is the mother of komedy, you see. I am not this weird in my real life, and I am as abnormal as all of you are.

How frequent?

The komiks are updated every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, so stay tuned with us. We encourage you to subscribe to the syndication alerts (RSS/Facebook/Twitter).

How did it start?

This komik series started with my growing interest in drawing stick figures and creating komiks from talks with my friends in my lab. The idea grew and I started creating more komik strips. And here you see an obvious side-effect or defect. The idea is growing and I am sure I will be able to bring out lot more creative energy through these komiks.

How do I make these komik strips?

All the komiks are hand drawn using pen and paper. Almost everything on the website is hand drawn including the main title, the buttons etc. Reason? I wanted to keep mostly all of it hand drawn.

Where to reach me?

I can be reached at

The Culprit Working Behind the Scenes

Sawood Alam, who is a great friend of mine, is helping me with site development and maintenance. He is amazing, always ready with his loads of ideas and suggestions. He can be reached at

More Later

You see, I am just starting!!!